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faiz0802 07-30-2009 12:39 PM

The Doubt of Reason (The Joker and The Queen)
A universe embedded in a grain of sand
Two dots in a world free from 'or' and 'and'
Like drops of water in crystalline dew
Fools like these are but a few
Of 1 and 1, that made a 2
A nut and a cherry, dipped in blue.

For there was one, and there was one
And 'part from this, there were none
A trip of two, in a million words
Through good and bad and even worse
Through smirks and smiles and smiles galore
This tale is a little less than more

A tale without purpose, but with a name
One with sense, all the same
T'is like this, think light and shade
T'is like neon on two cards of spade
One a joker, and one a queen
And a covalent bond, in between.

One followed a voice, the other, life
Connect dots these with the edge of a knife
For when you do you see crystal clear
One's thoughts in the other in a mirror near
Augmented, suspended, like major and minor
Made at peace by a dream designer.

Like rum and gin, shaken not stirred
And a dash of lemon most preferred
A little fizz, and a stream of lime
But that's a tale for some other time
Like midnight scotch, drunken pure
I think it is but I'm quite unsure.

So on we go, with our tale of tales
One so intriguing it never fails
So sit back and listen, O reader true
Don't you wish that it was you
A joker sly or a crazy queen
Connecting the dots in between.

Who they are I cannot reveal
But I will so read on without a squeal
The joker was sly but not as such
The queen was pretty and sweet as much
Two cool cats, cool as can be
A tale of groovesome 2, Fizzy the joker and T the queen.

In the Land of Dreams was a Tree of Gold
The kind in legends truth be told
And sat upon the branch touching the sky
Was the joker head held high
Sat he up there and gazed all day
At summer sun, radiating away.

The joker lived an architectured dream
With notes and strings in between
And heard he not the sounds of this space
For the mad hatter was in another place
Contented he was as he played away
And soon passed by the queen of spade.

And there she was, on the endless greens
Walking towards the Holy Tree
From far away far she saw a figure black
That looked like bones and a hat
Strange t'was that the Holy Tree
Would behold such a sight to see.

Lost he was, in his world of rhyme
Obsessed he was at that blessed time
He played and played without a gap
And then decided to take a nap
But then, the queen he saw sitting under the tree
So down jumped he floating with the breeze.

Wrapped in a coat velvet black
Smiling glee with a tilted hat
And a frame built so tall and thin
It hid world of thought within
Looked he at her with a curious stare
A slender thing with pretty hair.

Then came along, the Wind of Time
And with it carried a merry rhyme
And the birds and bees sang they along
Adding melody to the Holy Song
And the joker and queen, listened they
To what the winds and creatures, had to say.

And as sang they, the joker played along
Until the wind went by and then had gone
And then the breeze took its place
But it was calm, with nothing to say
With no distraction, he turned around
And asked the queen why she came about.

And so she spoke with a smile
Of questions unanswered all the while
She spoke of reason, and the purpose of all
Why some would rise and some would fall
And all the while the joker thought
Of his contribution own to the plot.

So sat the joker and scratched his chin
And listened to the little thing
And liked he did the ? thoughts
Another reason to connect the dots
Then laughed the joker when she was done
Another conversation, had begun...

And so sat they and pondered upon
The Doubt of Reason from dusk til dawn
And as they did, cracked the joker a riddle
That made the queen jump up from her twiddle
If must you know I tell to you
A twiddle is what a twiddle does true.

The queen sat puzzled and drew a ? look
And up jumped the joker with The Holy Book
And tried the queen to clear her doubt
But knew she not what the script was about
With dots and dots, and many a line
The Book it seemed was from another time.

She sat and thought, of what it was
She wanted to know, the 'why' and 'because'
Then laughed the joker, as he tilted his hat
With a rakish tilt, sense made he of this and that
He told the queen, with a contented look
What he saw and read in the book.

He spoke of the Doubt of Reason, and spoke he fair
He told her how The Book knew it was there
And how The Holy Book of Notes explained
Of why The Doubt of Reason still remained
And soon she saw, clear as the sky
The Book was the answer to all our lies.

Then smile did she at the Joker's eyes
For there she saw her answer wise
The Doubt of Reason, was a doubt no more
T'was merely a groove in 4/4
And so sat they and pondered on
And disappeared, into sunset dawn...

Note: This is based on an actual life experience of mine. It is a poetic analogue of a conversation I had with a friend of mine, where I was explaining to her what learning music meant to me. It is exaggerated quite a bit, but it got the point thru to her. Hope you guys like. Cheers.

sjco 07-31-2009 09:44 PM

This was such a fun poem to read. It flows very nicely and is extremely creative.

Essence 08-01-2009 06:02 AM

I thought it was a bit random BUT, I prefer ryhming poems and it ryhmed. It also had a nice ryhtem and so flowed smoothy. Pus, it had good lengh. (Yeah, I know that I'm stating the obvious. Oh well, it's a bad habit of mine and one I'm not prepared to break). Overall, very good and I throughly enjoyed it.

faiz0802 08-02-2009 02:31 PM

Thank you both so much for the kind words. Glad you guys liked it. Watch out for more in the future!

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