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Tau 09-17-2013 11:15 AM

Autumn Contes - Hidden - Voting (Prose)
The autumn contest has now closed, thank you all who entered. It is now time to vote for your favourite.

The entries can be read here.

FX Lord 09-17-2013 11:55 AM

I take it it's not good form to vote for yourself :biggrin: so have thrown mine out to the last minute newcomer, purely for imaginative content. Sorry Agatha, you were where my vote was going before Shikoba dropped in at the last minute with Masquerade.

And if one can legally vote for oneself, then consider this as me in a pirate's outfit shouting, 'Elizabeth Swann.'

In respect of the effort put in by all entrants - mine withstanding since it is the shortest and I only spent one night on it - and observing the disappointing turnout for voting on previous contests; can I get the permission of the admins to SPAM the current threads with a call to this one? Unless an admin would rather do it?

Can I also implore all to make a concerted effort to read all the stories and poems before voting as that is only fair. Despite the obviousness of this, I suspect the voting might skew towards the earlier submissions simply by virtue of their position in the thread.

PS. There is a typo in the title of this thread at this writing.

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