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Nikhil Raktale 04-02-2009 09:25 AM

Game Script Writing
Team name:
Well the team is basically just three people who have got together to compete in the Imagine Cup , for the purposes of the competition we go by the name of "That Team"

Project name:
The Game has been dubbed "U" , the Game itself is more of a journalistic effort trying to educate people about the problems of the day. So "U" is actually a pun on "You" (If you are confused about this, just read on ... :P)

Brief description:
The game was started as an entry to the Imagine cup(http://imaginecup.com/Competition/my...mpetitionId=21). Our Game, is a non combat , point and click puzzler game , with a lot of room for a good story. The basic plot of the game heavily revolves around the theme for this years Imagine cup which is :"Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today."

In the game, the player takes on the role of a member of an NGO , which is trying to set up new offices in remote locations across the world and trying to solve problems existing there by doing actual on ground work.

The game itself is quite simple with quite a few different challenges for the player to sort his way through. One of the most important characteristics is that the game in itself is more of a journalistic effort which tries to educate people to the problems of the day, this , is the main reason why we are looking for an experienced writer, we wish to have a moving story, which not only involves the player in the game , but also moves him in a way so as to inspire some sentiment towards the less fortunate.

Target aim:
Well, as i have pointed out at ample places , the game is an entry to the Imagine Cup. Our team has already crossed the first round and the work on the game has begun in earnest, we do have a basic starting point where the story is to begin, but it would go a long way if we had an experienced writer onboard.

As you would Imagine , we are students , so we will not be able to pay you at this time, but you will be duly credited for all your help and we may even discuss some payment if we win a cash prize in the competition.

Since we are putting out an Ad for a writer , i don't think this section is very relevant but i will point out nonetheless that we are using:
c# and XNA for programming
our artist uses Inkscape and Gimp to produce the art.

Also, the game is primarily being developed with the Windows Xp platform in mind.

Talent needed:
Well , we basically need a Writer who can write a good moving script that involves the player emotionally in the game.
Some of the locations that we are planning to include in the game are quite unfortunate, so we would like if the intensity of these problems was properly depicted in game , also , the writer would need to research the current problems in target areas and what is being done to solve them (Actually we would all help as the team is very small but this would be on the task list.)

Team structure:
Well, the team is basically just 4 people (3 of whom are registered as contestants in the Imagine cup due to their rules)
1. Nikhil Raktale (Myself) :Programmer , Game Design
2. Shahwat Tiwari : Programmer , Game Design
3. Nils Norman : Artist , Game Design
4. Martin Kvale : Sound

As you might think we are all from diferrent parts of the globe(first 2 from India and Next 2 from Norway) so we collaborate using "Skype".

Well, we have no website , but to organize the game we use a Wiki solution , the problem is that it is not a public wiki , so I cant post the link here, If you are interested though, contact me and I can give you temporary access to the wiki.

Here are a few In game screenshots just to whet your appetite:

You can contact me at :
or add me on skype "nikhil.raktale"

Additional Info:
I realize that most people would rather spend their time on more financially rewarding or larger projects , but this game is unique in that it is being designed with an altruistic aim in mind , we are also trying to tie up with various "Real World NGO's" so as to try and advertise(for free) them in the game and try to get some people to volunteer for their cause.

So the game is more than just an entertainment platform , we are also working on ways to make the whole thing user expandable so that the players can create their own levels and tell their own stories (but this is strictly a Dream feature)

Any feedback is welcome

Regallo 05-20-2009 03:10 PM

This sounds interesting. I would love the opportunity to write for a game, and definitely one with a positive aim. How much words are you looking for and how much of the game is made already?

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