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poirot 09-23-2015 12:17 AM

I'd like to thank the staff for all the time and effort they put it trying to keep things running smoothly here.

And while I have your attention, I'd like to make a request.

On the right side of the post box, at the top, there's "Thanks" and "Thanks". Now I'm guessing one is thanks given and the other thanks received, but which is which? Is it possible to make it clearer?

Thanks! (Again.)

Devon 09-23-2015 12:20 AM

You know, that's always been confusing from the moment those buttons were installed. Lol! We can bring that up to the "higher powers" here at the forum and see what they can do! (And by "higher powers," I don't mean our admins. Someone else owns our site; they control what the forum physically looks like.)

Bagit 09-23-2015 05:01 AM

I agree. I believe the top "thanks" is by the member so it perhaps is correct (Thanks: )

The bottom "thanks" would be by someone that has thanked that member, right? "Thanked by:" here would solve the issue. Of course I could have the "thanks" totally confused as to which is the correct "thanks" . . . and have led things into more mass hysteria. :)

wrc 09-27-2015 11:30 AM

Hey, poirot.

I've never used the thanks button because if I feel a thanks is a good response, I use words to say it.

Go figure...

poirot 09-27-2015 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by wrc (Post 708229)
Hey, poirot.

I've never used the thanks button because if I feel a thanks is a good response, I use words to say it.

Go figure...

I feel the same. There have been a few occasions, a handful of times at most, when I chose to use the thanks button. And yet the numbers tell a different story.

I am guessing there have been a few occasions when a thanks has been registered when none was intended. I need to be more careful and aware.

Binx B 09-27-2015 01:18 PM

Sometime I read a post, and I do think it's useful or entertaining or funny, but maybe I have nothing to add or for some reason I'm not inclined to comment. So I hit hit the thanks button.

No big deal. I don't really feel the need to take a stand on it.

poirot 09-27-2015 01:22 PM

Maybe we're bored enough to want to talk about something . Have any suggestions for a new topic?

Binx B 09-27-2015 01:31 PM

I've got plenty to do.

Like my mom used to say, only boring people get bored.

poirot 09-27-2015 01:46 PM

With so much to do, how do you find time to post on such a meaningless thread?

Binx B 09-27-2015 02:22 PM

There's a difference between boredom and procrastination.

But check out your OP. I've thanked you for your efforts to clear up this very confusing double "THANKS" issue. It's been keeping me awake nights. Glad someone finally addressed it!

poirot 09-27-2015 02:48 PM

Now that I know this cause of sleeplessness has been addressed, I, too, shall sleep better.

Binx B 09-28-2015 05:13 AM

As I was lying awake worrying about this, I was formulating a plan. I was going to take note of the number associated with each "Thanks" designation, then randomly thank someone and see which number increased by one.

There would have been a small chance that someone would have thanked me simultaneously, but that would been been evident as both numbers would have increased. But I could have just repeated the process as needed.

Fortunately, none of this was necessary.

Are you able to sleep despite those mysterious "Thanks" that seem to be appearing without you having thanked anyone? Because that seems like a real cause for concern.

What if members are building up a false confidence based on receiving "Thanks" they didn't deserve? They might be in for a rude awakening!

poirot 09-28-2015 05:24 AM

Between waiting for the world to end and worrying about the extra thanks, I was not able to sleep at all last night.

Then I received a call this morning. The govt is looking into the falsifying of thanks indicators. It may be part of a foreign plot to build false confidence among writers worldwide. Of course the reasons for such a plot are top secret and could not be shared with me as I lacked proper clearance.

Binx B 09-28-2015 05:37 AM

I'm going to start keeping a time-stamped spreadsheet tracking my "Thanks" numbers; for my own peace of mind and to build a body of evidence. I suggest others do the same.

And it's a small measure, but at least we've done our part to make people aware. That's really all we can do.

Stay diligent!

Devon 09-28-2015 09:34 AM

Still waiting for the "higher ups" to see what they can do about making it a little clearer. But! In the meantime, enjoy the nice blue color to the Thanks button. :D Maybe people will use it more, now that it's separated out from the others! ;)

Bagit 09-30-2015 01:07 PM

Shoot! The blue Thanks button for me seems to be avoiding coloration.

Who's color blind spell has been cast upon me? Come forth I say! :shifty:

poirot 09-30-2015 01:57 PM

Look North of the button. There you will find blue among the black and white.

Bagit 09-30-2015 02:39 PM

I've looked north and south, guided by the truest of compasses, but only see black.

I think I may have found the culprit of my misfortunes, though. The evil Internet Explorer blinds me from seeing the blue.

Why must you punish me, IE? I've done nothing but deploy you . . . surf with you.

poirot 09-30-2015 09:25 PM

I have heard that IE delights in causing frustrations. No doubt that is why you are prevented from seeing the thanks given and received numbers in blue. Is IE preventing you from seeing them entirely?

Bagit 10-01-2015 04:47 AM

I can see the numbers, but their still black. I may look into divorcing IE. It is frustrating at times.

kev 10-01-2015 07:36 AM

There's lots of alternative browsers available, Bagit. I've tried quite a few but settled for FireFox and have been trouble free for years.

Binx B 10-02-2015 04:19 AM

Looks like even Microsoft is abandoning IE. I think I read they won't be including it with the next version of Windows.

IE has always made it difficult for developers. It's like so many little bits of code need to have special provisions to accommodate Microsoft's arrogance and disregard for the standards that everyone else can follow. Good riddance!

poirot 10-02-2015 02:53 PM

Ask and ye shall receive. They are now labeled.

Thanks to all who worked on this!

Marc Haertjens 10-07-2015 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by poirot (Post 708552)
Ask and ye shall receive. They are now labeled.

Thanks to all who worked on this!

I propose we all thank Poirot for bringing this up, using the correct button.
(Poirot, man, you might be in for the record score of 15.919 thanks received on one post!)

Binx B 10-08-2015 04:37 AM

On behalf of the membership, I'd like to present the WB Good Citizenship Award to Poirot, for his tireless campaign to resolve the vexing "double thanks" issue.

And here is his signed certificate of appreciation, suitable for framing, plus coupons for a years supply of gourmet canned sardines and the Complete Works of James Patterson, So Far.

Hip hip hurrah!


Amaka Ezeonuogu 10-11-2015 03:03 AM

In my understanding, one thanks is gifted by site on the house for crossing timelines and other administrative hurdles. The other thanks refers to appreciation gifted you by co-members on the site.

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