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Nick Pierce 02-16-2018 11:23 PM

I'm writing because
I want to. I have to. I must.

Not so I'm regarded as "A Writer".
Not because I have something important to say.

Because this pencil movin' across this paper soothes me.

The "civilizations" around me continue their Lemming like gallop to
the edge of annihilation and I am certain there is
not one thing I can construct with words that will
slow the process.

That's okay.

Many groups have come and gone before the ones
currently calling themselves countries or states.

Witness Ur.

However - Countries, states, etc. - their single building unit is
one human.
And that human gets multiplied but, essentially, we are
looking at one person.

Which makes me - you get it.

So as long as I can get along with you (and you with me)
a peaceful world equilibrium has a starting point.

Then how much time is it before one of us, in-
advertantly, treads on the other's toes?

And when that happens what is the response?
What creates the response parameters?

Such questions, eh?

I don't expect them to be answered anytime soon
(if ever).

But I do notice that now this stuff is down
on paper (and not bumping around inside of me)
I feel quite relaxed.

And that feeling, my friend, is well worth
the lead exposure and ten minutes of finger

Nick Pierce 02-17-2018 04:42 PM

So do you know of Ur?

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