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Firefly 11-29-2010 07:53 AM

Challenge #46 - Little Johnny's Christmas Revenge (Original Challenge)
Many people have heard that if a child is not behaving well throughout the year, Santa won't bring him presents--only lumps of coal. Imagine the look on the poor child's face as he/she opens their gift to see a black abomination in place of a toy! So for our new challenge:

Give us a story about a child who received a lump of coal for Christmas the year before. He/she wants to get revenge on Santa this year. Tell us what he/she does.

Will Little Johnny put salt in the cookie mix instead of sugar? Or will it be something more than that . . . like arsenic? Let us know your angry child's revenge on Santa's coal present!

* * *

Challenges are primarily for fun. Members are certainly welcome to comment and, in fact, here's where the "I loved it!" comment would be appropriate, but in-depth critiques are not necessary.

Submissions should be made as new threads with Challenge #46 in the title. Example: Challenge #46 - Little Johnny's Christmas Revenge (Please feel free to use your own title.)

Comments should be made in the respective threads. You don't need to participate in the challenge in order to comment on work presented.

Wruniwke 07-22-2011 03:33 AM

Thanks she not laying yet any day now. Thanks for the info

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