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Firefly 04-20-2010 08:12 AM

Challenge #42 - Gee! Good Golly! Gosh! (Original Challenge)
Have you ever noticed how much a person wants to do something after someone else has told them not to? Well, here's a good one for you then . . .

Write a story about something exciting that happened to you, but you cannot use the letter "G". Anywhere.

So, no talking about the grape you ate, or the gorilla at the zoo, or goal in life you had . . . In fact, technically, no talkinG at all!

* * *

Challenges are primarily for fun. Members are certainly welcome to comment and, in fact, here's where the "I loved it!" comment would be appropriate, but in-depth critiques are not necessary.

Submissions should be made as new threads with Challenge #42 in the title. Example: Challenge #42 - Gee! Good Golly! Gosh! (Please feel free to use your own title.)

Comments should be made in the respective threads. You don't need to participate in the challenge in order to comment on work presented.

SW 04-21-2010 09:59 PM

How remniscent of old times.

I'm on to it, as 'challenged'. ;)

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