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sqoo 11-28-2017 01:26 PM

Katherine Dorset

My name is Kath. I have lived in Brighton [England] for nearly twenty years. I work part time in care which is OK but barely pays the bills and I also make garden sculptures with chainsaws which I hope will one day be my sole living, I sell them online but it doesn’t yet do as well as I would hope.

I live in a converted van that I park up next to a workshop that I share with two others, I have a studio in it. This is all unofficial so I have to sneak around a bit. I have lived in vans on and off for the last twenty years, keeps me off the radar and makes living so much cheaper. My latest is an LDV which I converted myself, it is lovely inside if I do say so myself!

I love music; music pretty much means everything to me, I think I can trace back meeting every friend to something music related. I DJ when I can but have no ambition to be a superstar, I just like sharing music and making people dance, I had a dance show on local radio in the early naughties which was fun while it lasted, that’s the closest I have ever come to sleb life. These days I play at occasionally at a club night a friend puts on, the odd festival and a few not too legal outdoor events. Right now I’m far too into glitch hop and ghetto funk but I am beginning to break out of that, there has been some great funky UK hip hop recently.

My other love is psychedelics. I am heavily involved in the research chemical scene and post as “Quirkafleeg” on a RC forum, Google Quirkafleeg if you want to know a couple of things I like (yes both of them were part of my youth). I want to find the next MDMA and I have a great little lab hidden away in my studio where I concoct and test some exotic chems although these days I’m more likely to buy them readymade from China over the net. Apart from that I smoke a fair bit of hash (which I much prefer to weed) and gulp down a hell of a lot of tea.

I have lived in quite a few places over the years including a couple of years in Spain, but Brighton is where I seem to have made my home, I’m not sure I would move from here now, too many very special people are here and my parents are only twenty miles up the road, they are getting on a bit so it's good to have them close but not too close if you see what I mean.

I was born in 1973, have long brown hair, a big smile, a cascade of flowers tattooed down my shoulders and back, I'm fairly average in height and pretty damn slim oh and anybody describing me would probably call me a hippy, bah!

As you can probably guess, I’m not that girly, pink dresses and frills are not for me. I’m good with a spanner, have used my fist on occasion to shut somebody up and will not be talked down to.

I am single and prefer it that way, my last boyfriend was 5 years ago and he was a complete knob. I don’t sleep around either, it's been about 9 months since I last had a shag.

brianpatrick 11-28-2017 02:40 PM

Well, now that we know everything... welcome.

Sent from my whack-ass dump hole.

fleamailman 11-28-2017 02:41 PM

("..the character is convincing enough, however, the first line in the second paragraph has a misswording, "I have a studio in it" is what it should read even if it doesn't..." smiled the goblin seated at his computer this late night now hoping sqoo wouldn't mind his pointing that out though, before adding "...oh, and there are few more further on too, but apart from that it's written in "first", meaning that had you written it in "third" then you could have added narration saving on the verbal explanation in part...", not that the goblin knew anything about writing really, only that the more he escaped here online the less he would feel that cold peculating through the curtain next to him he imagined, asking "...is it just me, but she seems to used slang words nicely but lines themselves lack casuality, for example how I would write the last paragraph would be more like "just, I'm single see, and that's the way I prefer it as my last boyfriend, oh some 5 years back now, was a right knob, not that sleep around neither, naah, it must be about 9 months since I last shagged someone", but I write so wrongly that I really shouldn't be advising you like this...", which was ok he felt because nobody sane would ever read this far anyway, inquiring "...by any chance you haven't read this far have you now, that good because I do believe this forum has writing standards to maintain...", his post written he dreamed that his bed would next swallow him whole in the effort)

sqoo 11-28-2017 03:03 PM

Thanks fleamailman

I will correct the errors you pointed out, thanks for them.

I wrote this in first person but I am writing the main piece in third person so normally narration would be doing the heavy lifting rather than Kath herself. This has been a good exercise for me, its much better than the third person description I was using, guess it always good to put yourself right in their boots.

I get what you mean by lack of causality, its an odd thing for Kath to have been asked to do, provide a description of herself. The forum she normally writes on works under strict anonymity and she would never reveal anything personal about herself whatsoever, her work needs to remain secret even if she does need help with things now and again.

Oh and on error spotting, I have some dyslexic type difficulties that mean I miss glaringly obvious errors over and over so help is always welcome, goblins are welcome :)

fleamailman 11-29-2017 02:49 AM

(once more the land of nod had dumped the unprepared goblin back into his dailylife as he watched the old man wash shave and then dress before fueling up caffeine and turning up here to see what others had posted, then spotting sqoo with a smile overtaking his face and offering up his hand for her to hold, saying "...walk with me won't you, where yes it's best to be anonymous here if you want to explore that alter-ego of yours now, I mean what's the point of all this freedom here if you then go and cramp your style by introducing all those unprovable details that might not be you at all...", yet writertypes were apt to be their own worst enemies here since the reader wanted their fiction alone, and how that unprovable reality of theirs got in the way each time, smiling "...a post is not a post until it is a repost, where all you have to do my dear human, well if I may be so bold as to call you one now, is post in a cycle of air/edit/backup, where everything could hewed out in the repost of it...", the goblin paused, looked up a sqoo for a moment and then broke in another smile of his relating "...here online the author and the work are really two sides of the same coin really, moreover you're surrounded by all these readers too, and all you have do is dissolve the distinction there thus you become your own plot as it were, and from there one entices them towards your pen by your posts...",whereupon he turned his vision back to the path he was on as if pulling sqoo enthusiastically onwards, saying "...we're so few amongst the many amongst the millions out there, but whatever it is and wherever it goes it's all one journey to self while it lasts, but me in my moment I wrote for here now, naah I'm not some dead book to be read elsewhere...")

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