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Jay 01-28-2016 03:05 PM

Writing Prompt CONTEST! (Ca$h, Game, ect. Prizes)
We are happy to announce our first ever PROMPT CONTEST. The contest is a great way for you to flex your writing muscles. Participating will earn you fantastic things—from participation badges all the way to Steam games and cash prizes!

HERO/HEROINE wakes up in the middle of a seemingly dark and scary forest. Out of nowhere, the plants come aglow with blues, greens, and purples. A gentle humming buzz can be heard echoing throughout the once-dark forest. Surely this cannot be a hallucination?

Please feel free to be as creative as you can. While everyone is starting from the same basic foundation, we want to see how you can make the prompt your own. Ways to make the prompt your own include: creating a fascination character or party of characters, developing a unique plot line, and utilizing the given elements as a way to deepen your story while not relying on it to completely guide your path.

LINK: http://www.rpgmakermv.co/threads/pro...26/#post-20097

MinisterJay, Writing Resource Team Staff (RMMV)

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