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josiehenley 02-26-2008 12:18 AM

QoW I canít reply!
Hello, I got a message yesterday from Queen of Wands and for some odd reason I donít have a Ďreplyí button, only forward or delete. I wonder if weíre not buddies or something? Anyway, the answer is yes of course, as you probably could have guessed! I can even write it myself if you want to, or you could take quotes from the press release.


Tau 02-26-2008 12:31 AM

There is no reply button. It got lost/changed into the quote button at the change over. If you can’t see the quote button then there might be a problem.

:D Oh and congrats on getting published. :clap:

josiehenley 02-26-2008 12:46 AM

Aha, that's why. Not just me then! I think I could see the quote button but just couldn't work out how to reply to QoW. Thanks for the congrats!

Q Wands 02-26-2008 02:54 AM

The loss of the Reply button should be on Dan's to-fix list (along with the return of the Thanks button). Until then, we have to make do with using the Quote button. Silly, isn't it? Sadly, he's quite bogged down so I don't know when he'll be able to remedy either.

Oh, and I got a good blurb from the Legend Press site. Hope that's okay. I think H will have picked it up already since we're pretty much up against the deadline. But it's always good to give you a plug, mate! And I'll be keeping an eye on WN; I expect to see you featured in it. :)

EDIT: You can always give us something closer to publication, to remind folks to go out and buy the book. Maybe for Issue 19, which should come out end of June/early July. Perfect timing really. XD

josiehenley 02-26-2008 03:25 AM

Yes, the write up on the website is the same as the press release, it’s very good! Embarrassing in fact, but I won’t let that stop me sending it out to people. Indeed I will send something for that issue – by the time my book’s in print I’m sure you’ll be sick of hearing from me. lol

mammamaia 02-26-2008 01:41 PM

it's a relief to know the lack of a reply button wasn't on purpose... i got a couple of pm's too, and my first thought was that we're not allowed to reply to messages from on high, only meant to 'read and obey'.. not a happy thought...

love and relieved hugs, maia

josiehenley 02-26-2008 02:02 PM

I thought that too :-) Love your beach Maia

mammamaia 02-26-2008 02:07 PM

it's actually one right here on tinian, josie... not that i get to go there... been living here for over 2 years now, and only been to the beach twice!... and on an island that's only 4 miles wide, that seems kinda silly, huh?... my dream is to have a place to live one day, where i can see and hear the surf from my windows and don't have to walk half a mile or more, to get to it...

josiehenley 02-29-2008 12:19 AM

I live near a beach (about five miles away so we drive) but not half as glamorous as that one. It’s nice to take the dog there in the winter but in the summer we avoid it because it’s full of tourists and ice-cream. My dream would be to live on an island like that and still be able to work. I’ll have to publish a bestseller first.

Miles Long 01-18-2016 05:33 PM

Who or what is a 'Queen of Wands' ?
Is this some administrative function/position/person within WB ?

Bagit 01-28-2016 05:15 AM


Who or what is a 'Queen of Wands' ?
Queen of Wands is, in fact, the member, Q Wands. Quite a trusted and valuable member to pass through the Beat. I sure do miss some of the "originals" that lurked here and catapulted this site quickly to the forefront of all things writing.

And this is not to say that there isn't many upon many valuable members still active who I love to read... :)

Cheers to the almighty Beat!

sophieleo 05-24-2016 11:09 PM

Sorry no idea about it!

Rob56 06-08-2017 04:04 AM

love to read this

Nick Pierce 06-08-2017 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by Rob56 (Post 733269)
love to read this

I know what you mean.

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