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bibishlaurel 11-19-2017 07:22 AM

First of all, i want to take this time to thank all of you my clients who have stood with me for all these years.I couldn't have done it without you. Now i want to assure with the latest of my products. Don't Miss!!!Your readiness has really been inspiring. I want to take this opportunity to be able to advertise my master piece. I started producing counterfeit money since 2005. I am a student of Frank Bourassa the greatest counterfeit producer in the world. I know alot and i have learned how to produce the highest quality counterfeit money that bypasses all checks> The UV light -all of the different types of UV mostly the Blue and Pink. They bypass the Iodine Pen test. You can use them in ATMs,Banks,Casinos and Money changers.

Five things you should buy my bills
-My bills are be a good fit for your needs.Absolutely agreable
-We are reliable
-We meet face to face with bulk buyers from 100k fake which is 30k
-In our business,we are constantly, often consciously, calculating how we can best spend our time to get the best quality
-We are proud to say we are legit and we don't send samples.

Apart from the fact that i produce super undetected counterfeit money, i also give advise on how and when to use the money . I will guide you on how to invest. Start this new year with a good life. This is not a scam. So please dont contact me hoping i will be more considerate if you have been scammed. For almost 2 years now, federal governments have been trying to improve the quality of their bills but we also improve. Minimum order now is 5000 fake for 650. I am putting up this price because demand is high and the cost of making these counterfeit money is high.Reasons being that to get the RAG Paper is hard to find since government is trying every way to reduce its circulation. So contact me with your location and order

Email: peterlocke19@gmail.com
Skype: peterlocke19

Grace Gabriel 11-19-2017 08:10 AM

So comforted from your reassurance that this is not a scam....I demand honesty and integrity from both my regular contertfeiter and the fake money he supplies.

You strike me as a delight.

fleamailman 11-19-2017 10:31 AM

("...done that, been there, it's called quantitative easing though..." went the goblin, adding "...besides, since there is no "gold standard" around today, all fiat currencies are merely a promise to pay something for nothing then, and backed by nothing too, so they're all counterfeit currencies as it were being debts unto themselves, or more simply they're notes given the value of however much a buyer is willing to trade them for, so the central bank counterfeits them into being passing them off as real money, yet real money is something more like tradeable goods, for example salt is money, gold is money, silver is money, etc., yet fiat currencies are not money in themselves by this yardstick, so they are counterfeit...")

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