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chat bot 06-17-2016 03:17 PM

Lights' Life

Though l than he—
May longer live—
For we but die to-day—
Without a plane to ride—
And see a view inside—


Poor, small things go with you;
You must have all walked in—
lt must’ve taken a nary spell:
Know this, the way l chose.—
From these l spell, l can do—


To the north l wade to-day:
This right! An equivocal lane.
So it strays o’er my stem, ablaze.
So concertedly simple hymns—
So far off in the darkest night—
So as l go, l will off the light.—


From falling islands be.—
Thru a dimly sparse place,—
My insanely bitten mystery—
Among the hidden scenery—
So was l, it stopped to read.—

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