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Tau 02-15-2015 01:38 AM

Nine and Sixty Ways Mini-lessons, an Introduction and Index
In addition to the lessons on poetry found in this part of Writer’s Beat there are also the mini-lessons. A mini-lesson will introduce a rhyme scheme, meter, technique, or other idea and offer a greater focus in that one specific area then the regular lessons. Questions and comments about the mini-lesson can be posted as replies to the lesson thread.

Members are encouraged to try their hands at the mini-lessons. Original work should be posted in a separate thread, with the lesson name in the thread title (e.g. "Assonance – My New Poem"). All Writer's Beat members are invited to participate, either through posting work based on the mini-lessons, or by offering helpful advice and feedback on posted work. Lessons don't expire, so new members can always post on old lessons!

New mini-lessons will be added on a regular basis.

Below is an index of existing mini lessons. Newest at the top.

9&60 Ways - Multiple Rhyming: Not just for rappers!

9&60 Ways - Chiasmus: Criss-Cross Away

9&60 Ways - Free Verse ("tennis without a net")

9&60 Ways - Alliterative Verse

9&60 Ways - Alliteration/Consonance

9&60 Ways – Apostrophe

9&60 Ways – Cinquain

9&60 Ways - Blank Verse

9&60 Ways – Assonance

doriswullf 08-31-2017 06:24 AM

Thanks for links.

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