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Prisoners of the American Justice System, you have proved yourselves intractable to reform. Society will no longer house, feed and clothe you (they're starting to yell now, guess they woke up).
In accordance with the National Spending Reduction Act of Twenty Twenty (hey, someone just spit on my faceshield) you are being relocated to an area of our selection. If you ever again stand on U.S. soil you will be terminated immediately (guess that bio-gps stuff has more than one use, eh?)


Oh yes, they are being "released".

"intractable to reform"

"National Spending Reduction Act of Twenty Twenty"
(You can thank Pres. Trump for this in a couple of years)

"naked white man"

No reason to waste perfectly good orange overalls on guys that ain't gonna be in population.

This is about savin' the American taxpayer money.
Yeah, the flight seems expensive until you realize that data is being collected along with takin' out the trash.

mogadishu pics.

Festive lookin' place, huh?

Ask whatever you want to get clarity.

Oh, and google
hardcore american convict pics
to get a visual of the types the story is referring to.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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