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Originally Posted by Devon View Post
Publish it yourself. Get it out there. Don't mangle a decent story to fit any one place.
It seems like any publishing-related question could be answered with that :P

I don't mean to denigrate self-publishing. It's a perfectly valid option.
It's just, personally I don't really consider it a "success" unless I've made it through all the checks and balances of the publishing process. Otherwise it's like taking a message stuffed inside a bottle, and throwing it into a sea made of bottles with messages stuffed inside them. It doesn't really strike me as an accomplishment.

Maybe I'm just a snob, but I think "I wrote a story which was published by such-and-such" sounds more impressive than "I wrote a story which I put on the Internet." The former would have me thinking "gosh, this is a serious writer I'm talking to!" while the latter just makes me think "well, I bet you did. Good for you!"

I mean, there's plenty of self-published novels which are brilliant. But unfortunately that only accounts for about 0.5% of self-published novels...
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