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It's not vampires, and I don't think the rest of the novel is much like it (although it is a love story ). I just can't think of a way to start it without eliciting comparisons with Twilight.

Here's the hook, although it's my first attempt at writing it, so it will probably change.

When Ana, a troubled teen in the foster care system, gets her last chance at family life and a good school in Belle Fourche, she turns over a new leaf to make it work; but when she finds out the truth about Dev and why he wants to be with her, she finds herself struggling not only with being the master of her own destiny, but the mysterious link his kind have to her birth mother’s death.

I will have a look at Chapter 2 though - see if there's any way I can do that. Sigh. Might just be better to go with Chapter 18 - people seem to like that one!

Edit: Crap. Ch 2 starts with a dream. Back to the drawing board.

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