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I, on the other hand, believe in answering a question as posed. Which, in this case was, "Of all the Encyclopedia Britannica entries about all the influential and important authors in the history of the written language who have set standards for their peers and subsequent generations of writers, why Balzac?" The question, to me, seemed directly related to my reading of articles on authors in the Encyclopedia Britannica, so I answered as honestly and thoroughly as I could. If the question was: what was it about Balzac that I personally felt justified his being used as a standard, I would have replied to that. But this is a perfect example of why this site is a perfect waste of time for someone like me. I answer a question as respectfully and pointedly, as I assumed it was posed, but instead of a reply in kind, I get, "Therefore, to me this seems like a pointless and hollow exercise, not altogether different than someone who puts weighty tomes on his coffee table to impress his friends—if he has any." This, to me, is obnoxious, petty, uncollegial, inappropriate... not to mention completely besides the point. But, unfortunately, it apparently passes as well within the "norm" here, not only by members, but by the administration as well. This I guess is why I had the impulse to post a couple of items regarding "standards" to begin with (in addition to many prior ones detailing my personal beliefs on quite a number of matters). This site is direly lacking in such, not only aesthetically, but in terms of basic civil discourse. But, to each his own. And, yes, I'm sure whoever uttered those immortal words, is probably now long since dead, too.
Have fun, y'all!
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