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Default Why the state should educate and support children.

I am heartily fed up with those selfish and small minded folk who object to the state providing education and support to children. Those who are most strident in this view tend to have no children themselves, and no plans to have any, and their arguments usually follow a very typical pattern.
“I don’t want any children and I don’t want my tax dollars/pounds to be spent supporting the children of others.”
“If I did choose to have children I would pay for their education and all their needs myself. Nobody should have children unless they are able and willing to do this.”
“The World is overpopulated anyway, so by not having children I’m making a contribution towards preserving scarce resources, why then should I pay for others to squander those resources?”
Ooh, you just want to shake them and smack their silly faces. Not for a moment do they question at what cost, and to whom, did they receive nurturing and what little education seems to have sunk into their brains. They may argue that their parents paid for everything and that the state contributed nothing, which is unlikely; but even so they did not pay for their own upbringing and education, did they?

So they are here ‘scot free’, so to speak, and it behoves them to make a contribution to society’s care of children, especially if they have no plans to bring up children of their own.

As to the argument that the World is overpopulated anyway, they might stop and think who will care for them in their dotage? Who will work in business and industry when they are drawing their pensions? The facts are that unless our societies maintain adequate and educated workforces there will be no-one to care for them, and their carefully saved-for pensions will be worth nothing. That adequate and educated workforce will only be there if we nurture and educate it, it cannot be imported from the Third World.

It is in everyone’s interest that we produce a new generation of citizens, and those who are not personally involved in this activity should make a contribution without carping about it.


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