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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
I can't comment on the state of education in Great Britain.


1. It is a parents job to see to the education of their children. Whether this means home schooling, public school or private school it is ultimately the parents responsibility. Our local public school district does very well, with assessments typically ranking at the top of the state. The choice for us to send our children to this system has been appropriate.

2. Public schools, even in close proximity vary greatly in quality and accomplishment. There are notable urban areas with high cost/student ratios that fail. Illiteracy rates of 50% are good arguments against public schooling in those instances.

3. My kids are my responsibility. I see no reason for others to be taxed to provide for my kids education. I see no reason for people without children, or people whose children are already educated to continue to pay for the education of others. I extend this further because schools are now free meals programs for the children of the indigent.

4. Even good public schools operate at a lower efficiency because they now absorb the children with behavioral or mental deficiencies. Including the retarded with regular children for the sake of "inclusion" or to not have a separate institution is of itself retarded.

5. I think allowing teachers in public schools to be in unions is terrible. It leads to a host of issues from protecting the incompetent to creating a retirement "bubble" which may burst.

Wrap up. See #1 and 2. Typically, areas with industrious people educate their children well, whether in public, private or home environments. Areas where industry has moved on, and a large portion of the population is on the dole have poor education systems. Throwing money at the issue does nothing but enrich a few people.
I would agree with everything you've said except that I do believe state education should be paid for out of general taxation, and that it is fitting for childless people, those whose children have grown and businesses to make a contribution.

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