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Originally Posted by AnyaKimlun View Post
You're not giving any good reasons for it though. I get we need schools because we need somewhere for children to go free of charge whilst their parents work.

What I don't understand is why you think parents who can read, write and add up can't teach their children those basic skills along with potty training, sleeping, behaviour etc ?
I know why!

because for many parents (myself included), having their kids underfoot 24/7 would send us to the loony bin. I say that as a devoted and otherwise primary care giving parent, who relishes school holidays for the time it allows me to spend with them. a parent who was deeply committed to attachment parenting when they were younger, and did the hard yards that most don't (co-sleeping, baby wearing, minimum two years breastfeeding, etc etc). a parent who is now very supportive of, and committed to their common interest in academics. none of that changes the fact that all of us would go a bit nuts if we never had any alone time.

as regards the idea that any parent can home school based purely on the academics, I'd have to disagree. both my kids are well past my modest knowledge of maths, and the eldest has now outgunned me in English. there is NO way I could teach them at this point. I might have had a chance when they were say ... 6-10 years old, but not now.
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