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The transition between Summer and Fall is my favorite. Also, the transition between Winter and Spring is nice.

Here in Florida, We just bake from March till October, and the relief of Autumn is way more than just the temperature change. It breathes an entire new life into your spirit.
The heat and humidity here become heavy and oppressive. You step outside and start sweating. No exaggeration. When people up North complain about the heat, they don't understand just how much worse it gets. The temperatures are deceiving, it's the combination of humidity that really makes the heat feel dreadful.

I know this because last time I visited Colorado, it was 101, and I thought it was a lovely day, nothing hot about it. You could feel the heat from the sun on your skin, but you didn't sweat just from being there. And there was always a very light breeze . The heat didn't feel like it surrounded you and made it hard to breathe.
It's just a different kind of heat, you have to experience it to know.

Anyone else from Florida who could vouch for me. Actually I shouldn't have mentioned I was from Florida, I can imagine people rolling their eyes. I don't blame them, this state sucks.
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