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Well, allright, I know the Brits are World renowned for our obsession with discussing the weather...

We are mid my favourite season and this morning started as a roll out of bed and pull on shorts and a skimpy T shirt day. So I did. By lunchtime, the rain was pounding monsoon-fashion, before eventually delivering a rainbow and restoring the sky to Caribbean blue.

By early afternoon the sky had turned black in a biblical way and the car windscreen made cracking, splintering sounds as it was pelted with hailstones the size of sugar cubes. An hour later, we shed the waterproofs and revelled in more tanning time. We took a hillside ramble with the dog - long enough for my arms to deepen in colour from honey to a pleasing shade of antique pine.

As we arrived home, the wind whipped up a gale that sent garden chairs rolling like drunks across the lawn and the darkness and rain set in like a heavy depression that no amount of Prozac could shift.

The chill and damp of the evening sent us scrabbling for sweaters and the fire was stoked with logs until Christmas day ambience was achieved. Such is the British Summer then...every season in a day.

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