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Originally Posted by Nacia View Post
climate change is man made. absolutely no doubt about it.
It is no solar activity involvement whatsoever it can't be.

Who is propagating this idea that the sun's output is constant? And that the sun doesn't contribute to a changing climate?

If there was not solar involvement then the earth wouldn't receive radiant heat from the sun.

Solar output is cyclical. That is why people could, prior to modern instruments still track sun spot activity and predict long term weather patterns.

How does the sun produce heat/energy/light? It does it through nuclear fusion, via a hydrogen to helium conversion.

Other things change outside of man's control. The earth sometimes experiences "wobble" on its axis, it's orbit isn't always exact. The continents experience some drift - which could/would change the amount of heat the land absorbs.

Imagine having several large volcanic events. By the logic of the CO2 - global warming theorist, the extra CO2 should make the earth hotter? In 1816, North America and much of the world experienced a volcanic winter. The haze (and extra CO2) didn't absorb heat from the sun, but blocked it. There was summer pond ice as far south as Pennsylvania....
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