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Default Ideas For My Lead Female

I've already discussed some ideas for the protagonist of the story I am planning for the third and final part in a trilogy for a game mod that I will write a trilogy of books based on after it is done. Now I will discuss the female lead.

I have seen in a lot of movies, books, and video games that most of the time, all the most important female character ever does is play the part of a supporting character to the male protagonist with no struggles of her own, never changing or growing as a character. In other words, flat. I don't want my female lead to be like that. She will have struggles of her own, grow, and change as a character to be someone a lot of people (especially girls) can relate to.

Here are some ideas for her synopsis and her struggles:

-She is the princess of a kingdom in an alternate world.
-She has two older sisters, the eldest of which is a half sister who is so proud, haughty, and arrogant that she practically demands everyone she meets bows before her, the reason why the middle sister is eventually chosen as the heir to the throne.
-She hates being a princess and being stuck in the castle which she considers more of a prison than a home, thus she dreams of freedom and living life outside its walls. Many call her selfish because she seems more concerned about her own wishes than that of the kingdom and what it expects of her because of her position.
-When the protagonist meets her, she has long escaped the castle, but it isn't long before they are found. He is actually accused of kidnapping her, but the truth that she ran away is eventually revealed by her.
-At some point, she discovers a book of magic that she is able to understand because it turns out that her mother was descended from one of the first seven mages in the history of the world. She convinces an ancient wizard to take her on as his apprentice and trains as a sorceress, once more escaping from the castle.
-She also supports the world-wide rebellion against an enemy force terrorizing the realm as one of her friends outside the castle is a member of the resistance who is courting her middle sister.
-After using some of her new powers to help her mentor and the militia of the kingdom in which he takes residence to drive the enemy forces out, she returns to her home kingdom to help drive out the enemy forces that had long invaded it, only to discover that they have already retaliated against her by destroying part of the city, her mother and middle sister have been murdered and that her friend has been exposed as a spy for the enemy force. Angry with her for once again disobeying him by leaving the castle and blaming her for everything that had happened, her father strips of her of her title and banishes her from the kingdom.
-She is forced to take up residence with her mentor as she continues her training, yet she blames herself for what happened, regretting having left the castle in the first place. The protagonist empathizes with her due to knowing how it feels to have been forsaken by friends and family. Bonding over their similiar experiences, the two begin to fall in love.
-She attempts to use a magic ring that allows one to communicate with the spirits of the dead to summon her sister, but when nothing happens, she realizes that her middle sister is still alive.
-With the protagonist's help, she not only is able to save her sister from imprisonment by the enemy, she also finds evidence that her friend from the rebellion was never a spy from the enemy. But most of all, she discovers that her half sister is actually plotting with the enemy to seize the throne that she believes is rightfully hers and that it was her lover who is a spy from the enemy army and who murdered her mother and sister, manipulated by her half-sister who is plotting to betray him and her allies the moment she is crowned. She returns to the kingdom with her sister and lover where she proves the innocence of her friend and exposes her half-sister's treachery. Enraged by her planned betrayal, the enemy forces take the treacherous princess prisoner and withdraw. As a result of the revelation, father and sister reconcile with her.
-The enemy force returns to destroy the kingdom in retaliation for her half-sister's betrayal, yet by now she has joined them deciding that if she cannot rule the kingdom that is rightfully hers, then she will destroy it, even revealing secrets of the kingdom to be used against it. She uses her powers to help defend the kingdom and is ultimately forced to kill her half-sister.
-Following the restoration of a dark wizard who plunges the world into eternal darkness, allowing creatures he created who thrive in darkness to be unleashed upon humanity, she convinces everyone that the protagonist needs their help if he is to find the courage to overcome his fear of the dark and that they need to help him instead of condemning him. She also convinces a large number of the enemy force who have been abandoned by their founder and leader, leaving them to fend for themselves, to ally themselves with the kingdom, promising them a better life than the conditions that forced them to unite against the world in the first place, promises that she intends to keep, unlike those made by her half-sister to one of them.
-She helps play a part in the final battle against the dark wizard. In the end, following the battle, she fulfills the promise she made. In the end, she finds herself the only remaining practicioner of magic in the realm and that she alone can determine the fate of magic. Knowing that magic is capable of doing great good as well as great harm, instead of destroying all books of magic and allowing magic to die out with her in the future, she decides to train worthy students and allow the next generation of magic users to come into existence.

Comments one how this looks would be welcome and appreciated. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas to add, let me know!

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