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then how do we or anyone help a preteens, maybe create a space place like - preteens enter here or maybe some kind of code in their membership that tell us thicker skinned folks to use kid gloves. They still deserve the truth but it should be done carefully so they will continue to write.

what if I am some old guy with a fourth grade education, should I be handled like a preteen - maybe.

maybe all critiques should be done assuming the writer is a preteen.

children are a lot stronger than most people, these day, seem to think they are.

constructive criticism can be done so it is taken well and why should a preteen get softer handling, when it is common courtesy to handle all critiques with a soft touch.

I even go you one better, how does a preteen feel when he or she gets no feed back at all. are they more or less devastated than if they got a bad review.

I submit that a preteen or anyone else is better off with a bad review than no review at all.

if you're writing over your readers head - tum etiam, ut graece scribens --- the secret of success changes;the truth of failure remains constant; if you try to please everyone you will fail.

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