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Originally Posted by max crash View Post
everyone who has ever been great at anything at sometime had a coach, an adviser, someone who took them under their wing and helped polish them, don't you want to be that someone and not just the guy that puts the gold medal around their neck.

everyone should get a critique on their posted work, they took the chance to post it the least a member of this site can do is to put themselves out, just a little, to give them what the site promised.

step out of your comfort zone, give someone else the help someone at one time gave you.

Well, a good coach isn't going to give the time of day to anyone who isn't doing his best. So, no, everyone does NOT deserve a critique.

I never asked for help without first doing my best -- and that means finishing something -- anything -- and proofing it to the best of my ability. My first stories and chapters weren't very good, but I got lots of useful feedback because more accomplished writers could sense they weren't wasting their time.

So, yeah, if you want good feedback (that's a collective "you") -- quit fucking around and put some time and effort into your work and your critiques. It's pretty much that simple. The more people that do it -- the better the forum.

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