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Originally Posted by Shelly View Post
A skillful coach belongs in thee majors, not the bush league. And, if he/she has any decency, "they" wouldn't look down on anyone playing their butts off. To me, that's not a coach but an azzhole.

Critiquing is open and closed to anyone. Why should it become such a issue? Do it from the heart, or move on. There are many fine writers around, but this ain't the majors...hell no.
What bullshit. This is just some half-ass way of calling me an "azzhole."

Your idea of a critique is some self-gratifying heaping on of praise and mutual ass-kissing. It has nothing to do with helping someone become a better writer.

You don't have a dog in the fight.

Originally Posted by Shelly View Post
Are there any women in this discussion? I'm assuming there aren't, and if I am correct, it would only reinforce my belief that women are way out in front of the male thinking process. I don't believe this would be an issue in the female mind.
More beside the point bullshit.
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