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("...well it's good to see that we're getting on so well still..." went the goblin not minding what got posted, nor by whom neither, just as long as something got posted though, adding ", to post is like a defiance of sorts, where each time it seems to says to you "see, you're not quite dead to this, you're not a zombie, no you can still post here can't you, with anything but not just anything will do, will it"..." where dailylife was a thief, instead it would have one live for its values alone, a preoccupation with material gain perhaps, mere social trappings again, and just so much homage to that moneygod there, ah yes that's your dailylife in a nutshell, to which the goblin then added "...alas you can never "know the truth" humans for they don't ever tell you the truth exactly, I mean why should they tell you the truth, though instead you can always "know the lie", where it's hardly a conspiracy theory here to point out their lies to oneself, no it's merely a refusal to join in with their lies each time, simply your posting upon forumland is this defiance then, why, because if you don't post at least somewhere across forumland each day then your dailylife wins in your place doesn't it, days pass where yet another free thinking mind would be drowned in all that preoccupation with dailylife again, yes you're not quite dead yet aren't you...")

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