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Donít think writing will help.

In the old days there was writing, but most of the action was in the political/religious threads (so Iím told). There are forums where the writing is emphasized with rules about posting anything else. Zoetrope is one. And... while itís fairly busy, itís not booming either. Well, at least not in the fiction category. It is more serious there, but most of the writing is not very good.

Just like music or any art, there are few good artists and a shit-ton of people who want to be good artists. Sometimes people can start out shit but learn how to be good at it. Not usually though. For every good writer (artist) there are thousands that will never be good at it. So, a site that is about writing will get tons of shit and a few good writers thatíll eventually get bored of wading through crap to get to the good stuff.

This site has helped my writing a lot, personally.

I think most successful forums are driven by a few motivated individuals that put the work in to keep it going. They set up contests, an e-zine, outside meet-ups and networking opportunities, etc.

At this site those people are gone. Maybe one day a motivated person will take on that role. Someone like redlorry (Lorraine) was in the old days.
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