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I consider, my home to be the City by the Bay, if you don't know where I am talking about it is San Francisco. I am sure you have at least heard of that. Most people have not heard of the area I was born, Bath County, Virginia. Perhaps though you have heard of Warm Springs?

Twenty-eight years ago I moved west after I graduated college, at twenty-three, as a journalism major.

Joyce is a pseudonym I use in all my writing, and as often as I can in my real life. I do not like my given name. And I rarely tell it to strangers.

I have experienced marriage, but it did not last long. However it lasted long enough to give me a son, Jamie. His real name is James Dean Stewart. Named after two of my favorite actors. My husband, I do not like to talk about much. Even now, the memories are too painful.

Anything else you want to know, just ask.

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