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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
The day after the Obergfell decision my good friend Adelbert opined

Several years later, someone else is picking up that sentiment

The US Civil Rights commission is filled with idiots. How do I know? Because like idiots in these discussions they accuse people with opposing views of "Talking in Code". Only the severely mentally diminished accuse others of "Talking in Code" to advance a point instead of being making a cogent argument of their own: Accusing others of Talking In Code is the latest version of accusing others of "Being Hitler" or "Racist". It's the sign that you've lost.


I've pointed out in my meanderings, some of the same folks that during the reign of Obama were derisive of States Rights, Federalism, Scale, Federalism are now champions of it - in the limited instances it would benefit them.

I think you're missing the larger point.

There is no reason that people who disagree with each other can't live together and prosper. With or without government interference. Anyone who says different is an 'idiot' like you said and not just someone on the other side of the divide.

If you and I were neighbors Mo, and you needed my help, I would give it. Wouldn't matter what I know about your beliefs or ideals, or how much we disagreed. It wouldn't be about your lifestyle or opinions at all. It would be about helping someone who asked.

So yes, there are idiots on all sides of the issues. But idiots don't justify implementation of drastic changes in the way the country fundamentally operates. Or, they shouldn't.

Furthermore, phrases like 'religious freedom' ARE code words for: I'm an idiot who can't figure out how to cooperate financially or socially (in a capitalist society) with people I don't agree with.

If one doesn't like the gay lifestyle, one should not be gay.

If one doesn't like abortion, one should not have an abortion.

Why would I refuse to do plumbing work at an office headquarters for an extremely religiously conservative think tank? I wouldn't. It would never occur to me that I was helping them advance their agenda.

We are part of a project right now to build a Presbyterian church. I'm an atheist. I think these people are bonkers and hypocrites, and potentially dangerous with their ideas. But it's not about that.
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