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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
Religious rules are usually very practical - in austere times they can be "survival of the people" rules.

This reasoning is harder for all but the most discerning to see when society is so flush that those "in poverty" often have homes with expensive electronics and have BMIs approaching large aquatic mammals - also spoiling Bergmans Rule.....

Yeah, some of them are basic survival rules but many of them are societal controls designed to maintain a top down authority structure and enforce a mostly patriarchal dominated society.

Now, I'm not a feminist or any -ist really, but it seems that most religious rules are just ridiculous these days.

I can understand if a person WANTS to follow them and it makes them fulfilled to do so. But... trying to legislate them is a no-go from me.

And all the prophecy about what's going to happen if we don't follow these laws feels like a Sunday afternoon UFO's did it documentary.
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