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Originally Posted by bluewpc View Post
Actually this kind of thinking is strictly related to Russia. You shouldn't think of their actions, ideology, or doctrine, in western terms. A lawyer defending a client represents certain ideals which are absent in their system. In the west, and specifically here in America, the lawyer, as does the public, presumes innocence and even if guilt is assumed the lawyer must still work in the interests of his client as per law. I recall John Adams defending the soldiers of the Boston massacre. For russia there are no such ideals in their system and I wont say judiciary system because that is nonexistent in the sense that the west understands. But its not arbitrary either. Those who are in power are immune to the law so long as they hold the pleasure of the czar, that is putin. In reality the system is a fašade meant to ensure a modicum of public order but more importantly to control the political atmosphere. It should never be mistaken as an objective institution of justice or an independent system. There is a wealth of information anent to that and I will provide those links tomorrow.
I think you have a very romantic notion of the legal system, what follows is my P.O.V.,

Four people are prosecuted for committing exactly the same crime;

Person 1 (has zero money) - gets the maximum for a person without a crminak record
Person 2 (has $10,000) - gets a reduced sentence cf Person 1
Person 3 (has $100,000) - gets community service and a prison sentence that does not need to be served (I forget the legal term)
Person 4 (has $1,000,000) - found innocent of all wrong doing
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