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Originally Posted by bluewpc View Post
@bottom of course there's a cost, there's always a cost. But in this country even if you can't afford a lawyer you are provided one. That is a relatively recent development within judiciary systems. So again I await your statistics

Now moving back to the tart we see now that he has run for the most part the full course of discussion such as it is. Were not concerned that his mind is unchanged as that was not our goal our goal is in examining his behavior and methodology.

The end is typically marked by insults and dismissals of various sorts. As we can see in his reply. One thing though is his afterthought of denouncing cruelty. We can take for granted in these discussions that espoused affinity towards even the most basic aspects of morality or human decency are fraudulent. These are the people who turn in their fathers for personal benefit.

So quick summary of his posts:

#1 Opening- Unsubstantiated denunciation of the topic
#2 Introduction of Propaganda- Provision of pro-kremlin disinformation from an outlet that you would not typically associate as pro-kremlin. In this case Pilger. The fact that it is never announced that these talking heads are pro-kremlin is of the utmost importance.
#3-4 Slander (not exactly the word, Ill find a better one later)Attempt to undermine known facts through mockery
#5 Defeat- dismissal and insults, retreat into nihilistic cynicism.

We should note here that at no point in time were the actual facts debated or were their veracity called into question. To do such a thing is an invitation for disaster. At all times the propagandist must not engage or allow others to engage in the direct examination of facts.

For now tart has served his purpose. Eventually he will contradict himself as his sources of information are contradictory and at that time we can revisit this conversation and see how the ideology is vacuous and fluid but until then we've wrung the basic framework out of him and as others like him arrive we can compare and contrast the various progressions of this methodology of argumentation noting as we go along any new features.

@brian aye but in this case this is state sponsored and is a type of warfare known as Information Warfare. Valery Gerasimov released this chart several years ago as a template for russian warfare:

Now whether or not russia strictly adheres to this methodology or if they simply want the US and European powers to believe it does is something up for debate notwithstanding the natural evolution warfare always undergoes.
Well you acknowledged then promptly ignored it? Why does law cost and is the outcome correlated with the cost? If it is not there must be a lot of rich people spending money for no additional benefit.
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