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I just went to look for my DOS manuals and it has been so long they have been moved from needed shelf space to a box somewhere .

it's also been a long time since I have written Dos


goal equal "what ever"
load a register address, "start address"
point one
go to a register
load b register, a register
add '1' to a register
perform b register, store c register
if results c register equal "goal"
(indent) then output d register
(indent) (indent) end program
(indent) else go to point one

it's been along time, and this is not correct, but this is basically what I remember of the DOS format for searching a file for certain data.

I also doubt that anyone but Sheldon Cooper would know the difference.

hope that helps

this is not formatting properly the then and end and else are indented as they are part of the if-then-else statement. which is a single command. and does not have (indent) written in it.

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