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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
think of it this way.

Rhianna isn't the best singer in the world. You could find a million people as good or better. And the difference between her and lesser known singers might be described as luck.

But... You still have to be able to sing to compete. The luck element doesn't render the ability to sing and perform completely irrelevant.

lol, no way, your being silly now ..

No one is saying it’s all luck, she may have had a lucky break at some point, aren’t we simply suggesting that those with considerable success have also been fortunate along the way, or manifested it through sheer determination. Let’s assume she’s highly driven, bags of confidence and a good enough singer and has taken enough knocks to seize the opportune moment. Maybe it’s all in the charisma, the marketing potential too. Maybe she was fantastically skilled in progressing her career. There’s an element of chance, some people are risk takers.

Maybe it’s all about risk taking, ... or your ability to manage risk ... or even the ability to quantify risk objectively.
Perhaps highly successful people are life’s gamblers.

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