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Caddyshack, unlikely as it may have seemed, is really one of the alltime great pantheon hits. Kind of like Blues Brothers.
(Speaking of unlikeable main characters that we end up pulling for)

Actually, I've yet to see a Rodney Dangerfield film that I didn't laugh out loud at some point. Also seems unlikely, but there it is.

One cool thing about these about films is that they were original, not forumla. There's no template for Caddyshack--except maybe the Marx Brothers. Nothing like Blues Brothers.

BTW, two more 80's films that will stand the test of time, Parenthood--a truly wonderful flick, and not just as a acomedy, either--and Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

Toss in Eddie Murphy flicks and there's another 80's ratpack for you--Saturday Night Live alumni
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