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All help and ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Only a scant proportion of my stuff has been published.

I have written essays, fiction and poetry. Only my essays have been published.

I have many questions. For now, I will just proffer questions about getting my non fiction essays published. They pertain to politics, social problems, sexuality and other stuff.

In the past, I simply sent essays to various publishers and I was lucky enough to get them published, sometimes with renumeration.

Now I see that one is generally supposed to submit query letters asking the publisher if he would like you to write an essay about a particular topic.

This gives rise to two questions:

1) Many of my essays have already been written. Indeed, I just put together two volumes of 521 pages of my essays. I can't really ask a publisher if he wants to me write an essay about topic A if I have already written it.

2) Ideas cannot get copyright protection. I think the primary value of my essays are what I think are my new ideas, not my literary verve or facility with words. My fear: Someone will take my ideas, write an essay using his language and then steal my ideas. How can I protect myself.

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