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("...publishers, still have lots of would be authors offering them their services, but to be quite honest with you readers aren't reading like they once were, moreover this internet here has cut into their market share by offering one direct publishing instead without those set in stone hoops and hurdles that they still require, so you might want offer those publishers something of yourself after you have already made a name for yourself here online first, where if those publisher's then reject your works after that, well then you can go over their heads to their readers directly as many authors are doing, but books as they are are too long for most folks who prefer "short interactive content" instead, that would be posts..." mentioned the goblin adding " idea is to do your online work in episodes with cliff hangers, like in a victorian journal, why, because it's hard to steal something if its ending is missing, plus it builds up a readership directly keeping those readers in the lurch as it were, by the way you could always read one of your books as audiobook on youtube there, it's low cost, just one needs to practice the parts where need be, where you could then add a paypal link below it...")

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