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Let's just see how some on this thread have been behaving toward women, in general and Beefheat specifically:

Originally Posted by Gaines View Post
Keep in mind if it has tits or tires eventually you will have trouble with it.

Originally Posted by Lin View Post
"If women didn't have pussies, there'd be a bounty on them."

Originally Posted by Lin View Post
Now, now. [to Beefheart] I'm not going to "pork" you if you carry on like that.

Originally Posted by Lin View Post
[to Beefheart again] Just try to keep your pants on, Hotlips. You'll get over it.

Wow, what was I thinking? I am so wrong and you guys are so cool. Can I please join the He Man Woman Haters' Club? Please, can I, Huh?
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Hey, gang. If a thank you is in order, I will do it in a post. It's always nice to say why you are thanking someone, don't you think?
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