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the difference between anna and a rhesus macaque monkey was that although she couldn’t climb out of this pit of circumstance she could stomach the situational isolation because over a very long period of time it had become her companion and she had learnt to fill that desolate void with wonderful alternatives in her minds eye, she had sought solace in imagining brighter happenings with endless possibilities, freedom and immensely enjoyable creative liberty, she made fun and she had shared it knowingly. flea and anna could go anywhere and do anything together, they always had done, simply that now the correspondence between them was actual. It was all just a matter of perspective. ‘I mean, the Burning Man Community had begun as a seed in someone’s imaginings and think of the depth of mind held by Shah Jahan for Mumtaz Mahal to inspire the creation of the Taj Mahal, and last week we were in Switzerland’ she teased gently, ‘besides which babe, here is all I have ever really known, it is my home.’

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