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repost from elsewhere, the "today is a good day to die" thread

"...naah, today is a good day to live..." proposed the goblin suspecting that how to die was somewhat easier to answer to oneself than how to actually live life, well if not to its full, then at least fuller than just doing dailylife at dailylife's bidding each day, adding "...ah yes, today is also a good day to grow one day older too, for there again is a question in the making that has to be faced eventually, people do grow old you know...", many thoughts crossed the goblin's mind at this point, not least the growing death of jobs to automation, the growing likelihood of war in his time, or just that continued collapse of system with a dark age that invariably follows that collapse there, sighing "...then again, maybe today is not a good day to live, but today is the only day you've got really, where life was only ever just one long moment called "now" anyway, for one's past is gone, and one's the future comes unpromised too, no it's how to live on really, not how to die in this moment isn't it...", and somehow the goblin could feel the silent applause in the background somewhere

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