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repost from elsewhere, the trolls forum again

Hey Mr.Mailman long time no see. Vitriol and Temple were just talking about you the other day on the Ootikof forum.I can't remember you posting there but apparently you did at some point. Pop over and say hi- I must warn you it's a bit of a liberal fag fest over there though.
"...didn't know about forum there, thanks for the heads up though..." replied the goblin who just liked company before adding "...I'll join and see how it goes, no I'm more on writers forums, but I can only take my own "A" side for so long, after which there's that need to expose my "b" side and to mix with the salt of the earth, the common folks, the plebs, or whatever you trolls are calling yourselves these days, btw I imagine "troll" just isn't politically correct these days as it doesn't go as far as to include females too, the female of "troll" being "trollop" I imagine, and thus I imagine too that you might prefer to be known as "under the bridge ambassadors" perhaps, yet I leave any conclusion on such matters in your most incapable hands now...", in fact, the goblin as ever only needed company to continue, saying "...naah, I play to the online audience always, or else I go hungry without being engaged by that audience then, where a bland readership is something for writers alone, me I crave a replyship instead, just keep me company and I'll keep you posted..."

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