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repost from elsewhere, goblin doing a rewelcome

"...just we are what we are while here I suppose, as all this is inter-dimensional between your ever so real deailylife there and this ever unreal virtual reality here, perhaps none of this has meaning to your dailylife really, it's still yours for the knowing though..." ventured the goblin who must have seen hundreds if not thousands of posters come and go in his time, then adding "...forumland is like a forest where it's all too easy to become lost in its meanderings, its subplots, and tons of "post and discards" too, yes those years pass and finally one has nothing to show for it perhaps, ah but you're different as you've returned here once more, and thus you face this forest anew for some reason today, so whatever that reason is remember it and keep it as your sense of direction throughout..." as the goblin then hailed for the forum doors to be flung open to allow one more once more into its midst, sighing "...well, we all go to our graves eventually, and it would be such a pity not to know what one could have posted simply because one wanted to flog those books instead, I mean don't you want to know who you really are by what you post then..."

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