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repost from elsewhere

Excellent repost, goblin. I wonder what kind of soap goblinses use? Or shampoo?? I use 2 in one shampoo. Fuck that 45 second wait. So, on the West Bank, there once was just a line. I think it's called the Green Line. No real physical barrier between the Palestinians and the Israeli's. Unfortunately for the Israeli's, certain Palestinians kept pestering them with grenades, rockets, bombs, bullets, knife blades, the occasional suicide bomber, across this Green Line. Know what happened next, goblin? The Israeli's built a wall. The pestering stopped.
"...correct, they built that wall and then settlements beyond that wall there, so up goes another wall, and then another wall, caring to explain to the onlooker that this ongoing expansion as some sort of defensive measure, but I suspect that both of us can see the truth of it, even if the media spins it as unconnected or happenstance..." smiled the goblin appreciating xxxxx's company though and preferring soap to shampoo, then adding "...indeed isreal probably does want a "two state solution" then, in that they want to a "state of isreal" for themselves and then a "state of gaza" for the natives, same old thing as the ozzies did in australia for their natives there who probably in turn learned it from the americans in the new world I guess..." in fact, the goblin keeps hearing about all this need for nuclear inspectors for iran and never a word about nuclear inspectors for isreal, but he wondered which of these two countries were more likely to have a functional nuclear capability at this point, and judging from the six day war, which of them were more likely to strike first too, still smiling "...this year is going to be an interesting one, but I'm not so sure that I actually want to be living in interesting times though, not if turkey is defecting to the east at this point, and not this festering proxy war could actually go nuclear too, just too many players with too little trust today, yes "someone else's quarrel" perhaps but not one without consequences for the rest of us..."

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