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Originally Posted by Beesauce View Post


I know about a dinosaur some rich people tried to wage war on
She turned into a bee and moved her house when the fire burnt out
Flying over to the WB, she saw something she'd seen before
but now, as a bee, the dinosaurbee sits at the WB with new friends
and the same old b.s. at the last fire she stayed at until indeed the very end


9/11 soon soon
we are all going back in time
to the day the military was taken away from the people and enslaved to not say
They started with celebrities and celebrities were the first to be put under control
Pay enough and the masses say "Whats wrong, you don't have enough money?"

When nobody sees that the money ruined them and inside they slowly wreathed wanting to tell the rest of the world, "You're not safe with what I'm being forced to do on screen, but I am being paid and strive for happiness despite my souls enslavery for I am not chained with anything but invisible chains and the warlord has a gun that causes anyone to have a heart attack

The body count is real
And some people still vehemently say, "WW II never happened.." shame. SUch shame

Oh where am I?
I'm a dizzy dizzy dinosaur
not about to die
nobody dies
everybody stays alive
even after death
they live
they all live
and the lie will be
soon no more

Really like the way this is spaced out.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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