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@gabe Well Ill say it again that's the wrong question to ask. First off its not about what I want. Look I have whats at my disposal. That's it. My problem with your question is that its an open ended hypothetical with an unlimited number of answers because its without restriction and what has no limit has no definable existence. Were bounded in time that's what makes us who we are. I mean youre asking what it would take why couldn't I just say a deity with x number of attributes and y type of personality and enough access to its being to confirm its transcendental nature. But that doesn't answer anything. Its ok this is what I want. That's useless. Its beyond useless and the question of deities is irrelevant anyways. To me the more fundamental question is whether or not there is meaning. Because gods can be extant and there still be no meaning. Whos to say they aren't nihilistic or whos to say they themselves weren't created. Maybe they transcend this reality but are mundane entities inhabiting a higher ontological plane. Its onanism. I think meaning and god have been conflated for so long that it takes an act of will to divorce the one from the other. Add to that that our universe seems already to possess an unlimited potential for meaning so theres no need to introduce hypothetical beings or principles to justify the existence of a god.

As the saints were being driven from Jackson County in November 1833, several hundred refugees lay on the banks of the Missouri River, many sleeping on the ground under the open sky. They woke around 2 a.m. Nov. 13 to witness one of the most spectacular showers of meteors in recorded history, which has been referred to as “the night the stars fell.” Elder Parley Pratt was there and described it: ‘About two o’clock the next morning we were called up the cry of signs in the heavens. We arose, and to our great astonishment all the firmament seemed enveloped in splendid fireworks, as if every star in the broad expanses had been hurled from its course and sent lawless through the wilds of the ether. Thousands of bright meteors were shooting through space in every direction, with long trains of light following their course. This lasted for several hours and was only closed by the dawn of the rising sun. Every heart was filled with joy at this majestic display of signs and wonders.’

I cant find the original quote, it was of an American lawmaker, but I can paraphrase: If these [the Leonids] be sign of the end let it be that our maker should find us at our tasks.

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