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Hey CB,

Thanks for your recommendations - all well-charted terrain for me. I can remember reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" many moons ago when I was young, and fell in love with its 'jasmine-scented' pages. A magical book full of rich description of a bygone India.

Paramahansa Yogananda never claimed to be an avatar, which is how he differs greatly from Sai Baba - and he was revered for his purity and enlightenment but not worshipped as an embodiment of God.

Truthfully, this isn't a personal quest - i'm researching a project and needed genuine responses ( in all their diversity) to the concept of a god-power walking the earth in human form. It's extremely difficult to start with a blank canvas because Christianity is so ingrained in my culture - not easy to create a character that isn't unconsciously influenced by Jesus.

I'm not writing satire - it has to be realistic, believable and draw on the tenets of multi-faiths in an intelligent way. Sai Baba offers a compelling unity of faiths, and talked about people being too caught up with "the form" - a need to have a physical representation to worship and have a relationship with - yet the form is transient and no more than an illusion anyway. If you've not read "A Catholic Priest Meets Sai Baba", I recommend it as a superb read - it's been invaluable to me for research and insight.

Thanks for your input x
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