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Originally Posted by Grace Gabriel View Post
So, my question is not debating religion, or subscribing to any particular belief system. It does not invite that either.

In our age of cynicism and trial by media, how would we react to someone claiming divinity and producing the miraculous?

The most recent example I can think of is Sri Sathya Sai Baba - who was slated in various documentaries as allegedly being a trickster and rumours abounded of sexual misconduct. There are still millions who benefit from his benevolence and a legion of followers who give testimony to healing miracles and a plethora of signs and wonders.

If somebody walked the Earth today that had powers and wisdom beyond human comprehension - would we crucify them by media?

Would we listen?

Would we reject them, because it wasn't the god we were expecting?

Or are we our own gods now - so convinced of our intelligence that to respond with anything else but ridicule or cynicism would make us feel gullible?
The answer to your question is simple. Have you ever been healed? If so, you wouldn't have to worry about anybody else's reaction or cynicism. You'd know for certain and be darned happy too.

Mr. William Grey, a resident of Sacramento, California was probably the greatest healer of the 20th Century. Yet, he had no religious affiliations. Naturally, Mr. Grey didn't do the healing himself, but he was highly skilled at harnessing the energy (available to all of us) and using it to heal others. He used this "miraculous" energy to recharge the magnetic fields surrounding both the physical and spiritual bodies of the people whom he was healing. Had anyone called him a god for his skill, Mr. Grey would have probably laughed at the person.

I was in the presence of a Catholic priest who also possessed this remarkable talent (like writing, the more it is practiced, the better one becomes at it). The energy emanating from his outstretched palm nearly knocked me off my feet. Though I clearly felt the force of the energy, the effect it had on my aching shoulder was only temporary. "Energy healing" usually requires a series of treatments to permanently restore a body part to a healthy state. Nowadays, many energy healers may be found in Spiritualist churches because they fear being sued. As in any other field, there are the legit and the fraudulent healers. People who charge a fee (especially a high one) are usually scammers. Legit healers ask for small donations or volunteer their services.

I may have misunderstood your question. If so, please accept my apologies for posting all this stuff. "Misunderstanding" and "dishonesty" are entirely different breeds. If my words have taken a wrong turn, do forgive me. It wasn't done intentionally. Hope all is well in your backyard. Terrible what has happened.

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