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Default The package


Vasily was enjoying his walk on a fine sunny day. He was an average looking guy, medium build, small scar on his left cheek and blonde spiky hair.

As he glanced down one of New York’s tiny winding streets, he saw a Courier carrying a package. On the spur of the moment Vasily followed him, and when there was no one around, took out his Glock Pistol and demanded the package, and, as the courier was too frightened to move, he handed it over without saying a word.

Vasily casually walked some distance away from the robbery, and started to unwrap the package.

The small statue had a brilliant light shining from its ancient patina.
It was a Goddess about 12 inches tall, with a large headdress which had spokes emanating from its centre, upon which heads were positioned.

Each arm of the goddess had a snake wound around it, as he examined it more closely, one of the snakes slowly began to writhe, and then the other snake started to writhe as well….Vasily dropped it and ran away as fast as he could.

The Courier, who had been following from a distance, saw the statue on the sidewalk.

On one of the spokes of the headdress, was a shiny new head, with a scar on its left cheek and blonde spiky hair.

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